Ashes of Eden: Survival

Ashes of Eden: Survival (or simply AoE) is an open world post apocalyptic survival game based in the mountains. A zombie virus outbreak has left the world destroyed. Society as we know it has fallen apart and the only people left are the few survivors of the world. Players will have to loot the map for food, water, weapons, ammo and tools to survive. Use your tools to harvest wood and metal to craft your base.

The map contains several different places to explore. Some of the Points of Interest (POIs) include:

  • Pine View - The main town and the center of the area before the apocalypse.
  • Silver Springs - One of the two small towns of the map. While close to the amusement park, Silver Springs was where the workers lived.
  • Applie Valley - The second small town on the map. Apple Valley was always viewed as the "farmers market" being so close to the local farms.
  • Rock Bottom Farms - The main farm of the area, Rock Bottom Farms was the staple of farming and provided a vast majority of the fresh fruits and vegetables to local residents. Their angus beef was second to none!
  • Eden Airport - Eden Airport was the port of entry for most vacationers. During the apocalypse, the military took over the airport as their base of operations before they deserted it in the chaos.
  • LOL Park - Laugh out Loud Amusement Park. A small amusement park packed full of fun!
  • Industrial Complex - The industrial complex housed all the main factories for the area. Making everything from oil production to metals, these factories were built away from the residents to preserve the quality of life for the area.
  • Be Well Hospital - The main hospital for the area was once a state of the art facility, funded entirely by local business, now stands in ruin. If you listen closely, you might even hear the cries and screams on a quiet night.
  • The Mines - After finding coal years ago, these mines were dug throughout the mountainside leaving a huge tunnel system. Just don't get lost!
  • State Prison - Nestled in the mountains, the state prison was once used to rehabilitate inmates to get them ready for a life outside the walls.
  • Camp Splendid - Who wouldn't enjoy a nice retreat away to the cabins by the lake? Guess what! They have several vacancies!

There are also several smaller POIs as well throughout the map! AoE will feature many exciting and engaging aspects to keep the players on their toes. Will you play together with friends... or go alone?

Features list:

  • Base Building - While most games use modular, piece by piece base building, we will feature crafted prefab pieces such as single shelters (small shelter), double shelters (large shelter), stairs, both lower and upper walls, gates, foundations to put everything on as well as ramps to bring in your looted vehicles and stairs to get into the base if you choose. All items will be crafted using materials looted throughout the map. All bases will be secured with codes to protect unauthorized entry and will also feature an auto-ejection system to prevent boosting into your base unfairly.
  • Crafting - The crafting system will be extensive. To build prefab base pieces, homemade weapons, ammo, food, raiding supplies (explosives), you will need to loot throughout the map. Everything from trees to fertilizer to metal scrap to charcoal can be used to craft various items. To scrap metal from cars to get scrap, you'll need a tool such as a crowbar to harvest it. Building a base? You'll need various materials such as wood, nails (made from scrap) and metal sheets.
  • Quests - Throughout the year, players will be able to experience holiday quests as well as optional missions to earn unique skins or in game materials (crafted pieces, weapons, ammo, explosives, etc). Each mission and event will be up to the player to participate but the rewards will be worth it. Encounters may include looting Santa's dropped toy bag, fighting an evil Easter Bunny, assassinating Cupid and much more. We are floating around ideas for missions that will carry the players throughout the map, collecting special items or taking items to certain places. Again, none of this is required of the player, it just adds to the fun and breaks the monotony.
  • PvP/PvE - As with any multiplayer survival game, players will be able to engage in PvP. Going into town to loot? Be careful or you may encounter players just looking to shoot you and take what you find! Looted town and went back to your base? You may end up getting raided and have to defend! If PvP, isn't your thing, the game will feature PvE servers as well so players that want to loot and build in peace will be able and welcome to do so.
  • Environment - Along with other players, the environment itself may be a danger. The map will feature dangerous animals as well as zombies! Some animals may run from you like deer, while others may chase you and attack if you get too close! All of these animals can be killed for meat and fat. You'll also be able to fish the waters around the map for food.
  • Community Involvement - Unlike a lot of other games, this game will be completely community driven. A certain aspect of the game feel unfair or unbalanced? As a community, if players want it changed, it will be. We are a small group and we aren't pushed around by any investors or upper management. We are gamers making a game so we understand any worries and have made all the complaints other players have made. This game won't be like that. No game is or will ever be perfect. All us developers and you the community can do is work together to make the game the best we can. Together
  • Weather - AoE features full weather systems as well. From sunny days to cloudy to thunderstorms to snow storms to aurora borealis, we will have it all. No more fog suddenly just disappearing like in other survival games, everything has a transition period. Different wipes will have different seasons.
  • Skins - As the development progresses, we will be adding skins to the game with the community's insight. After the game is online and running, only then will we begin adding a skin market so players will be able to change their appearance. All skins will be in a crate system for purchase. Don't have the money to spend or want to spend money on skins? No problem! Players will earn credits for crate purchase through various activities such as play time (active, not botting and doing nothing), crafting recipe discovery and more. With this system in place, it allows all players the ability to obtain skins to trade with their friends and wear throughout the map.